Padma for Heart Health

…supplying the lower extremities. The shorter the distance, the worse the clogging. Padma is an ideal therapy for restoring blood flow to an area. Studies support this: * In a 16-week study of 93 patients, those taking Padma were able to increase both pain-free and maximum walking distances. The average…

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Padma for Brain Health

…sensation, it’s easy to attribute memory loss to aging. Padma can help restore circulation in the brain as well as the heart. At Regional Hospital in Zyrardow, Poland, 35 people with known cerebral atherosclerosis were treated with Padma. They ranged in age from 33 to 72. Nine had evidence of blockage…

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Ease Angina With Padma

…not know that products like B vitamins, Padma, coenzyme Q10, and other nutritional compounds can help them. Most people will continue to treat the symptoms with vasodilators like nitroglycerin, so the problem evolves into something more life-threatening. Padma works to correct the underlying problem…

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