Nose Spray

Instant Home Remedies for 20 Common Health Problems

Find a quick fix for conditions ranging from burns to taking pills Burn Relief Motion Sickness Chest Pain Runny Nose Cold/Flu Pet Poisoning Coughs Poison Ivy Cuts Posture Dandruff Safe Sun Exposure Diarrhea Sleep Hangovers Stiff Neck Hiccups Styes Indigestion Swallowing Pills Burn Relief Pediatric doctors…

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Preparing for a Pandemic

…the bud. * The first is a xylitol nasal wash called Xlear. I immediately cleanse my nose with it, and if I catch the problem quickly enough, this may be all I need. I use Xlear three to four times a day, spraying each nostril twice. This xylitol-based nasal wash (pronounced “clear”) helps keep…

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