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Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Stress Relief

…Feel the warmth and calmness around your eye sockets. * Nose—Wiggle it back and forth, up and down. Relax. Feel the warmth and calmness in your nose. * Lips, cheeks, and jaw—Draw the centers of your mouth back and grimace for five seconds. Push your lips into a pout. Relax. Feel the warmth and…

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Flu Protection--Start Now!

…the fact that one of the hardest selling points for vaccinations is the needle. There's already a flu vaccine that gets delivered as a mist up the nose. And in the next couple of years, expect to see several new ways of delivering vaccines. These will include painless, micro-needle patches you wear…

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Intestinal Disorders and Mental Health

…brain” is the enteric nervous system (ENS) that controls and regulates our intestinal tract. The ENS senses environmental threats, just like our eyes, nose, skin, etc., and reports this information to the brain. The vagus nerve, which is part of the ENS, is the longest cranial nerve and has the widest distribution…

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Quick Relief from Post-Surgery Nausea

…either rubbing alcohol, an inert saline solution, or oil of peppermint. Each patient was instructed to breathe in slowly and deeply through their nose, then exhale slowly through their mouth, for three repetitions. The patient was then questioned two minutes and fine minutes later about any nausea…

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Treat Head Lice Naturally

…to mention, these products contain some pretty harsh chemicals that obviously come into pretty close contact with your child’s mouth, eyes, and nose. Fortunately, you can get rid of lice naturally, without toxic chemicals. The first option is to try Vaseline, which essentially suffocates lice. Cover…

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How to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel

…infection at the time * 35.3 percent had been exposed to a person with an acute infection within three days prior to traveling * 22.5 percent had runny noses * 14.2 percent had a cough * 8.3 percent had sore throats * Four people were traveling with fevers of 100 degrees or more Add in the tight quarters…

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