Niacin Arthritis

The Many Benefits of Niacin

…more Niacin (or nicotinic acid as it’s referred to in medical circles) was the third B vitamin to be discovered (hence the name B3). It wasn’t until about 1943, though, that a couple of doctors reported that niacin worked wonders in relieving the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Unfortunately…

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Targeted Nutritional Support for Healthy Cholesterol Levels

…are helpful for achieving healthy cholesterol levels. They include: * Niacin * Coenzyme Q10 * Vitamin C * Lecithin * Selenium * Citrus Pectin * Red Yeast Rice * Chromium (Brewer’s Yeast) Niacin Research has shown you can use niacin (vitamin B3) to both reduce total cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol…

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Health Q&As

…triglyceride levels? * Is nattokinase interacting with my warfarin? * Should I take medication for high blood pressure? * Should you try to reduce the niacin flush? * What can I do to increase my HDL levels? * What can I do to reduce consistently elevated LDL levels? * What do you recommend for angina pain?…

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