Multi Vitamin

Multiple Benefits of Multivitamins

…you can get all the vitamins you need simply by eating properly. Just one example of how this isn't true comes from research by the U.S. government's Human Nutrition Research Center, which stated, "It's virtually impossible to get more than 25 international units (IU) of vitamin E through the diet."…

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Supplement Risk Put In Perspective

…die from traffic accidents. And, the risk of dying from taking a pharmaceutical drug is 62,000 times higher than the risk of dying from taking a vitamin or food supplement. Thanks to the mainstream media, we often hear of the “dangers” of taking supplements, but this assessment found that, in reality…

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Need Another Reason to Take a Multi?

…daily multi could have far-reaching health benefits. As a savvy health consumer, I'm sure this is not news to you. You probably already know that, no matter how well you eat, it's really difficult to get the recommended levels of every vitamin and mineral through food. This is where a multi is so essential…

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