Minerals For Distilled Water

Water Distillation Could Save Your Life

…organisms from your water, creating a truly safe water supply for you and your family. Water distillation works by heating water until it boils and turns to steam. The boiling action kills bacteria and other pathogens, and as the steam rises, it leaves behind waste material, minerals, heavy metals, and…

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Relieve Joint Pain with Good Old-Fashioned Water

…earlier that act as diuretics. And you need to be drinking plenty of water every day--1/2 gallon a day is not unreasonable for most people. Distilled water is best for ensuring safe drinking water. At first, increasing the amount of water you drink may not seem like it’s doing much good. In the beginning…

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How a Simple Glass of Water Can Alleviate Joint Pain

…joints by eliminating or cutting back on beverages that have a diuretic effect (coffee, tea, soda, and alcohol, for instance). And obviously, you need to be drinking plenty of distilled water every day--up to half a gallon a day. Consuming foods rich in complex carbohydrates (such as beans, legumes, whole…

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