A Yogurt a Day Keeps the Fat Away

…messing with your bacterial balance has effects that reach far beyond a little digestive upset. Taking the simple steps to ensure that the friendly microflora in your system are robust and plentiful is more important than ever. Now it's your turn: Do you take a daily probiotic, or eat fermented foods, to…

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Avoid Antibiotics for Back Pain

…antibiotic overuse. We’re fighting epidemics of antibiotic-resistant superbugs all over the world and wrecking our own immune systems and internal microflora. The last thing we need is millions of people with back pain needlessly taking antibiotics. The natural back pain treatments I recommend, including…

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Are Antibiotics Causing Obese Babies?

I make no secret of the fact that I find bacterial balance in the gut to be one of the most important aspects of health. If your microflora are off, it affects everything from your digestion to your immunity. Now, research has shown that antibiotic use--which upsets microfloral balance by killing off…

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