Memory Loss

The Health Benefits of Whey

…added growth factors (IGF-1 and 2)—both of which have been shown to accelerate wound healing in the gut. Finally, glycine is also important in both memory and cognitive functions. Although you wouldn’t get the high levels of glycine used for panic therapy from a typical whey protein drink, smaller regular…

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Padma for Brain Health

Poor memory is a very common complaint as people age. Most fail to associate gradual memory loss, intellectual deficiencies, attention disorders, and emotional instability with a lack of blood flow to the brain. Atherosclerosis is a systemic problem. If you're experiencing circulation problems, whether…

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Why You Should Walk for Exercise

…found that after several months of regular walking, older adults showed an increase in blood flow to the brain, which resulted in improved learning, memory, and attention ability. Walking provides head-to-toe benefits. The added exertion increases blood circulation to your brain and vital organs. Higher…

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