Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Stress Relief

…first signs of stress. Relax your body, and you can relax your mind! In combination with other stress relief techniques such as deep breathing, meditation and mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation can help life the weight of the world off your shoulders! Preparing for Progressive Muscle Relaxation…

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7 Hobbies That Help With Depression and Anxiety

…. The repetitive motions of the hands help the mind focus on the present and are immensely meditative and soothing. 2. Journaling. Journaling helps bring mental and emotional clarity, as the act of meditative documentation can help identify stressors and lay the groundwork for how to mitigate them. Journaling…

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Find Exercise You Love!

…class. Shop around and look for what you most enjoy and look forward to. I know a friend who can’t wait for her daily swim, seeing it as both a meditative experience as well as exercise. Your interests will undoubtedly change with time, but if you expect to remain mentally and physically healthy, you'll…

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