Making Sauerkraut

Digestive Diet Tip: Make Your Own Sauerkraut

…and the flavor of vegetables preserved in this manner improves with time. While this sauerkraut can be eaten after only 3 days, some say that sauerkraut doesn't fully mature for at least six months. Sauerkraut (Makes 1 quart) 4 c. of shredded cabbage, loosely packed 1 tsp. juniper berries ½ tsp. cumin…

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Fiber and Digestive Cleansing

…processed foods, to both lessen the gritty texture and make ingredients easier to combine. Insoluble fiber, the portion of the plant that can’t be broken down by your digestive system, provides a valuable service. The fiber absorbs water and swells, making the stool bulky, soft, and easy to pass. (This is…

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