The Truth About the Lyme Disease Epidemic

Anyone who’s had some exposure to Lyme disease, either as a patient or a friend or relative of one, knows how notoriously difficult the condition is to deal with. That’s because the corkscrew shaped spirochete bacterium associated with Lyme can change forms, mimicking the symptoms of nearly 350…

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Weekly Update for September 9, 2013

…and healthy diet please visit my Tumblr minisite! This week’s issue covers: * Clear Your Skin With a Good Digestive Cleaning * The Truth About the Lyme Disease Epidemic * Chia: An Excellent Source of Omega-3 Also, coming up on my blog this week: * 7 Best Anti-aging Herbs: Ginseng – Tuesday, September…

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Weekly Update for August 12, 2013

…Simple Glass of Water Can Alleviate Joint Pain – Wednesday, August 14 * Mother's Milk: The Original Brain Good – Thursday, August 15 * Ticks and Lyme Disease – Friday, August 16 Be sure to visit again in a couple days! Now it’s your turn: What topics would you like to learn more about? You May…

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