Lung Disease

7 Best Anti-aging Herbs: Turmeric

…know of that can singlehandedly address some of today's greatest health threats, including arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, gallbladder problems and lung cancer from smoking and other pollutants. I recommend about a heaping tablespoon of turmeric a day. Some people eat it straight…

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7 Best Anti-aging Herbs: Ginseng

…lowers the chances of blood clots. * Immune Function: Several studies have shown that ginseng significantly increases the number and activity of disease-fighting white blood cells in young and elderly patients. * Cancer: Korean researchers tested various forms of ginseng and its effects on cancer. In…

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Body Cleansing Detoxification Starts With the Skin

…of particular importance in dealing with skin diseases. Waste products and body toxins that are filtered and broken down by your liver and kidneys are removed from the body by several organs. These include the bowels, the urinary tract organs, the lungs, and the skin. You use water to carry these waste…

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