Liquid Minerals

The Whey to Good Health

…think everyone should. It is probably one of the most underutilized tools you can use to improve and protect your health. Whey is the translucent liquid that separates from the curd when milk coagulates during the cheese-making process. It has grown in popularity because weightlifters and body builders…

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How a Simple Glass of Water Can Alleviate Joint Pain

…carbohydrate and protein complexes known as glycosaminoglycans (called GAGs for short). Along with sulfur compounds, these GAGs form a thick gel-like liquid that supplies cushioning, lubrication, shock absorption, and nutrition to the cartilage in our joints. But keep in mind, they are primarily only the…

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Flaxseed: The Perfect Food

…alternative to fish. Flaxseed is inexpensive, and probably the best way to enjoy all the benefits of flax. It provides fiber, as well as important minerals like magnesium and trace elements. Like most grains, flaxseed should be stored well in air-tight, light-proof plastic containers. Grind the seeds…

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