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Inflammation in the Body: Its Causes and Effects

…Fat cells also produce a hormone called leptin. In the simplest terms, leptin tells the brain to stop eating. (It also influences the thyroid gland and the adrenals.) (Endocrinology 04;145(5):2516–2523) As you produce more fat cells, they produce more leptin to let the brain know that everything is…

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Estrogen Dominance and Obesity: A Clear Connection

…that alters the intercellular functions of fat cells. Excess body fat has been proven to alter the levels of several hormones, including insulin, leptin and estrogen in a way that increases obesity. Estrogen slows metabolism and boosts insulin production, which causes the body to store more calories…

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Q&A: How to Put an End to Low Energy in the Afternoon

…How Leptin Plays a Role When fat mass increases in our body, fat cells produce more leptin, which signals the brain to suppress appetite. When our fat mass is lowered, leptin production falls, telling the brain that our appetite needs to increase so we fill up our fat cells for energy. Leptin acts much…

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The Guarantee of Vitamin D

…less production and secretion of the hormone leptin. Leptin is one of the primary hormones involved in fat storage and weight loss. Millions of dollars are now being spent on trying to duplicate these effects by artificially increasing levels of leptin in the body or turning it into a weight-loss drug…

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High-Fructose Corn Syrup: How Sweet It Isn't

…way most sugars do—a side effect HFCS producers would like to market as a benefit. However, it also does not cause an increase in the compound leptin, a protein hormone that plays a key role in regulating appetite and metabolism. The problem is that increases in these substances signal the body’s…

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