Leg Swelling

Supporting Your Adrenal Glands in Times of Stress

…problems; they are also more common in individuals with certain characteristics: * Blue eyes * Blond or light brown hair * Long waist with long arms and legs * May or may not be overweight, but generally will have a tendency to accumulate excess fatty tissue in one area, such as around the waist * Index finger…

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Natural Back Pain Treatment

…sacroiliac joints. Then follow these steps: * Sitting up straight with your shoulders against a chair or bed, or lying on a flat surface, bend one leg at the knee and grab onto your ankle with the opposite hand (fingers on the front of the ankle, thumb circling and resting under the ankle). Hold the…

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Honey: A Natural Wound Healer

…these findings. Keep in mind, however, that there is a potential downside. While these ointments may help keep the wound moist, they also increase swelling in the tissue and can cause a localized allergic reaction—canceling out any positive effects. Researchers have found that one of the best and most…

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