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Kava and L-Tryptophan for Anxiety

…However, if you are reluctant to use them (and there's good reason to be), there are natural treatment options. In this post, I discuss how Kava and L-Tryptophan can be used to manage anxiety. Kava for Anxiety Based on several European studies involving the extract of kava, it appears to be an excellent tool…

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Four Ways to Curb Food Cravings

…well aware of this situation, and are developing appetite suppression medications that mimic the effects of naturally occurring amino acids like L-tryptophan, tyrosine, and others. With a simple homemade protein shake, you can achieve the same effects without the dangerous side effects or expense. * Get…

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A Serotonin Sleep Shake Recipe

L-tryptophan also increases levels of serotonin in the brain. Before the FDA took it off the market, it was a favorite sleep aid. Prozac, the antidepressant drug, also works by helping to keep serotonin levels in the brain elevated (though it has many more undesirable side effects than L-tryptophan

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Emotional Health – Check Up and Discussion

…emotional and mental well-being? Do you have any of your own Emotional and Mental Health tips to share? You May Also Be Interested In * Kava and L-tryptophan for Anxiety * Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Stress Relief

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