Knee Problems

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The 10-Cent Blood Pressure Remedy

…material (an added bonus for anyone with constipation or other colon problems). The sodium in celery is also beneficial for people who suffer from stiffness in the joints. Celery or celery juice will very often stop creaking knee joints, which commonly occur as we get older. (For the record, a cup contains…

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The Truth About the Lyme Disease Epidemic

…the arms or legs; irregular heartbeat; weakness and fatigue. * Weeks to months afterward: arthritis in the lower joints (usually the knees); nervous system problems. It is often noted that a tick bite carrying Lyme disease will present a bulls-eye wound but this is only true for a fraction of Lyme’s…

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Joint Replacement at Younger Ages

…increases is rampant obesity. Obviously, if you have a weight problem, you're setting yourself up for many more health issues down the road. If it's hard to understand how tiring and detrimental a few extra pounds can be to your hip and knee joints, try carrying around a 10- or 20-pound sack of beans for…

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The Natural Pain Reliever You Keep in Your Kitchen

…relieve pain. When ingested, it can help relieve pain throughout the body; when applied topically, it can provide relief specifically to problems areas such as knees and elbows. Here are three ways you can use turmeric topically to treat painful joints: * Mix 2 tablespoons of turmeric with 1 or more tablespoons…

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The Best Sleep Position

…a host of other problems. If you have a problem staying off your stomach, start off with a small pillow on each side; if you start to roll over on your stomach, it will wake you and remind you to reposition yourself on your back. Also, you can use a small pillow between your knees if it is uncomfortable…

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