Knee Health

Hops and Rhodiola Rosea—As Discussed on Dr. Oz

…multiple sclerosis (MS). His continued good health in spite of MS is due, in part, to his use of various health-supportive nutrients. (Healthy diet and regular exercise are also crucial components to his health.) He discussed a lot of his secrets to good health with Dr. Oz, and I was really glad to see…

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Joint Replacement at Younger Ages

…obesity. Obviously, if you have a weight problem, you're setting yourself up for many more health issues down the road. If it's hard to understand how tiring and detrimental a few extra pounds can be to your hip and knee joints, try carrying around a 10- or 20-pound sack of beans for a couple of days. Make…

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The 10-Cent Blood Pressure Remedy

knee joints, which commonly occur as we get older. (For the record, a cup contains a little over 100 mg of sodium. Since celery is 93 percent water, a cup has only 18 calories.) Celery is truly a ten-cent remedy for a million-dollar problem! For more heart-healthy solutions, visit my Heart Health Center…

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