Kidney Disease

Why Glycation Is Harmful To Your Health

…to higher blood pressure, plaque formation, blood flow blockages, heart and artery disease, stroke, heart attack, etc. The smallest blood vessels are the hardest hit, such as those in the back of the eye, the kidney, and the brain. These areas require a constant supply of glucose to meet their high…

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Fiber and Digestive Cleansing

…These additional toxins increase the workload of both your liver and kidneys. The slow-moving stools also lead to a condition called diverticulitis. Diverticulum: Latin for "You Don't Want to Know" In the early stages of the disease, as your intestines struggle to remove toxins and waste material, small…

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How a Vitamin D Deficiency is Putting You at Risk

…of our most common and deadly diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. As we age, our ability to make vitamin D in the skin lessens, and we have more difficulty absorbing supplemental vitamin D from the gut and metabolizing it in the liver and kidneys. All of these factors favor supplementing…

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