Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency and Natural Treatments for Anemia

…that they may be iron deficient. Iron gives the red color to blood, and an anemia of this type is called "hypochromic" anemia (hypo = low, chromic = color). Symptoms and Effects of Anemia Enough of the technical stuff for a minute. Let me show you how dangerous a "simple" iron deficiency can be. It’s…

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Trace Minerals and Your Health

…other minerals. I have my own theory that manganese deficiencies are probably more common than anyone imagines. If sprains seem to be a major problem and you notice that all the joints in your body always pop, you may have a manganese deficiency. Manganese will help strengthen and tighten ligaments…

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Nutrients that Support the Treatment of Osteoporosis

…strength and growth (i.e., rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults). And an estimated 80 percent of older women worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency. Direct sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D. It really doesn't require that much exposure to reap the benefits. One 20-minute full-body…

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