Iosol Thyroid

Dangers of an Underactive Thyroid

…three tablets of Thytrophin is equivalent to one grain of thyroid hormone. Patients start with three tablets a day chewed between meals on an empty stomach. Even more dramatic results occur when one drop daily of IoSOL is also taken. IoSOL is a fantastic iodine product made and distributed by TPCS Distributors…

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Three Steps to Healthier Glands

…the thyroid, and the pituitary. If you want to totally correct the problem, instead of just mask the symptoms, the health of one gland must be improved—and oftentimes all three. In the early stages of depression, the adrenals are always involved. More advanced depression involves the thyroid gland…

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Emergency Preparedness Kit

…hand. Radioactive iodine is one of the particles most commonly absorbed from fallout. It is rapidly and easily absorbed and stored in the thyroid. If your thyroid is receiving and has stored adequate amounts of iodine, there will be far less chance that additional amounts of radioactive iodine will be…

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