Dangers of an Underactive Thyroid

…Patients start with three tablets a day chewed between meals on an empty stomach. Even more dramatic results occur when one drop daily of IoSOL is also taken. IoSOL is a fantastic iodine product made and distributed by TPCS Distributors. (Do NOT use antiseptic iodine internally; the formulation is poisonous…

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Q&A: How to Put an End to Low Energy in the Afternoon

…for a hypothyroid condition is to use the Broda Barnes basal temperature test. And as long as your thyroid is still working, iodine drops (such as Iosol) and a good glandular supplement (such as Thytrophin from Standard Process Laboratories) will usually correct the problems. You can screen for adrenal…

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Three Steps to Healthier Glands

…bottle of a liquid iodine product called Iosol, available from TPCS. (Don’t consume the topical form of iodine sold in pharmacies, like the one used to do the iodine patch test. It is poisonous when taken internally.) I suggest starting with two drops of Iosol a day for a week or two and then reducing…

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