Iodine Deficiency

Three Steps to Healthier Glands

…remains, then your iodine level is adequate. If all the color is gone, then you’re thoroughly deficient in iodine. Varying degrees of color loss correspond to your degree of iodine deficiency. If you find you’re iodine-deficient, look into getting a bottle of a liquid iodine product called Iosol…

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Three Possible Causes of Hypothyroidism

deficiency. You might have heard how important this mineral is to your immune system, but chances are you haven't heard how important it is for proper thyroid function. That's unfortunate, because the effects of a selenium deficiency are very serious. As with iodine, our soils have become deficient

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Trace Minerals and Your Health

…other minerals. I have my own theory that manganese deficiencies are probably more common than anyone imagines. If sprains seem to be a major problem and you notice that all the joints in your body always pop, you may have a manganese deficiency. Manganese will help strengthen and tighten ligaments…

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