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Dangers of an Underactive Thyroid

…other organs. But circulation problems also cause some of the less dramatic complaints of hypothyroid sufferers, including dry, flaky, or cracked skin and chronically cold hands and feet. In cases of hypothyroidism, the skin may receive as little as 20 to 40 percent of its normal blood supply. This shortfall…

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How to Measure Your Basal Metabolic Rate

…third day after menstrual flow starts. Interpreting Your Results * Normal: 97.2–98.2 degrees * Below 97.2 degrees usually indicates a sluggish or hypothyroid condition * Above 98.2 degrees usually indicates an overactive or hyperthyroid condition More Dr. Williams Advice on Overall Wellness * How to maximize…

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You've (Hopefully) Got Some Gall

…you put the number of people who have hypothyroidism together with the ability of bile acids to increase thyroid hormone production, it makes perfect sense. (Dr. Broda Barnes, an acclaimed physician whose work helped identify many of the dangers of hypothyroidism decades ago, estimated in the 1970s as…

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Understand the Cause of Depression

…Freeze-dried preparations seem to work best. Hypothyroidism One of the most common conditions associated with depression is an underactive thyroid. Thyroid hormones regulate your metabolism or how much energy you have. Other symptoms of hypothyroidism include: constant fatigue, inability to lose weight…

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