Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

The Key to Solving a Thousand Problems

…protect you against several harmful strains of bacteria you may encounter. It makes the bowels acidic by producing lactic acid (it even forms hydrogen peroxide), which in turn destroys certain types of disease-causing bacteria in the bowel. If you visit your local health food store in search of L-acidophilus…

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Health Q&As

…effects from the flu shot? * How can I stop a fungal infection in my fingernails? * Why doesn’t Echinacea work for me? Men’s Health * Can hydrogen peroxide cure impotence? * What can I do for an elevated (but benign) PSA? Mood and Memory * How can I improve my short-term memory? * How can I relieve…

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Inflammation in the Body: Its Causes and Effects

…And, a couple times during the day, I let a little cinnamon powder “melt” in my mouth as well. As a side note, I also dip my toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide every couple of days. For some reason, most people tend to overlook cleaning their toothbrush. I haven’t seen any studies, but it stands to…

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