How Long Does Water Last

Seven Ways to Purify Water

…drawbacks. Cons: * Does nothing against bacteria * Not long-lasting Carbon filters provide a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. If water hasn’t been treated with chlorine, ozone or some other bactericidal method before undergoing carbon filtration, any bacteria in the water will become trapped…

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The Health Benefits of Oats

…the first step in the formation of plaque that leads to atherosclerosis or clogging of the arteries. This finding is very exciting. Not only does it show how atherosclerosis can be prevented at the earliest stage possible, but it also demonstrates that it can occur with an inexpensive, readily available…

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Why Mood Disorder Treatment Should Begin With Gut Bacteria

…and sleep disorders are just of few of the more common problems that have been closely linked to intestinal problems. Researchers have known for a long time about the “gut/brain axis,” or the direct connection to the brain by way of the 10th cranial nerve. But for some reason, they have always focused…

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