What Are Adaptogens?

…Conditions Can Adaptogens Treat? Adaptogens are excellent for treating stress and stress-related disorders such as raised cortisol, stress-induced hives and acne, and hyper-reactivity due to anxiety. The effects of adaptogenic supplementation can be seen within several days. Now It's Your Turn: Do you…

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Propolis: A Natural Antiviral

…of propolis hasn't been overlooked by beekeepers. This "bee glue" has amazing antiseptic powers, which help preserve the sterile atmosphere of the hive. Research from the former Soviet Union and confirmed by other countries has shown that propolis has strong antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti…

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Propolis Promotes Pregnancy

…compound that bees make and use to seal their hives. It keeps their hive free from fungus, harmful bacteria, and viruses. If a mouse or other animal makes its way into the hive, the bees quickly kill it by stinging it to death. Removing it from the hive is another matter. They obviously can’t carry…

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