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Alleviate Allergies Naturally

…blood histamine levels as much as 38 percent. Histamine is the body's own chemical that often triggers an over-reaction of the immune system to a foreign substance. Most of the prescription allergy drugs and antihistamines work by trying to prevent the release of histamine or by reducing histamine levels…

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Onions May Hold the Key To Freer Breathing

…oils in the onion are responsible for its ability to prevent asthma. These components apparently inhibit the body’s formation and release of histamines, leukocytes and certain inflammatory prostaglandins, all of which trigger an asthma attack. I have come up with a simple recipe so that you can make…

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Vision Saving Foods

…possibly more susceptible to cataracts. In addition, quercetin coupled with vitamin C may help reduce sinus congestion, reducing your reliance on anti-histamines which are implicated in the development of cataracts. The power of garlic is well known, but its equally prolific cousin, the humble onion, is only…

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Is Niacin Safe? A Closer Look at New Research

…-lowering effects of niacin are directly related to the flush. While many people find the niacin flush uncomfortable, it is only temporary, and once histamine levels are lowered the effect becomes less pronounced. The most glaring fault I see with this study, however, has to do with what the study subjects…

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