7 Best Anti-aging Herbs: Astralgus

…Europe and Asia to strengthen the body's resistance to disease and shorten the duration of several types of infections, including the common cold and hepatitis. It works by increasing the body's production of interferon, a powerful antiviral compound. Hundreds of scientific studies have been done on astragalus…

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7 Best Anti-aging Herbs: Turmeric

…only herbs I know of that can singlehandedly address some of today's greatest health threats, including arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, gallbladder problems and lung cancer from smoking and other pollutants. I recommend about a heaping tablespoon of turmeric a day. Some people eat…

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How To Make a Castor Oil Pack

…significant increases in the production of lymphocytes compared with patients using placebo packs. Castor oil packs are also known to help with hepatitis C, hyperthyroidism, pelvic pain, tendinitis, kidney stones, fibroids, ovarian cysts, swollen joints, irritable bowel syndrome, and digestive disorders…

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