Hearing Loss

"Forbidden" Foods to Eat Regularly

…both the development and growth of cancer cells, as well as kill existing cancer cells. * It can help control hot flashes, mood fluctuations, bone loss, and other menopausal symptoms. * It lowers the risk of developing degenerative nervous system diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Enjoy a moderate…

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Dehydration: A Hidden Cause of Joint Pain

…our ability to keep our joints hydrated lessens. What can you do? Obviously, you need to drink plenty of water every day. Regardless of what you may hear, 1/2 gallon a day is not unreasonable for most people. At first, increasing the amount of water you drink may not seem like it’s doing much good.…

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Trace Minerals and Your Health

…back that always “goes out” or any other joint such as a knee or ankle. Other problems that can occur with a manganese deficiency include loss of hearing, dizziness, and ear noises. Manganese deficiencies may not be that uncommon for several reasons. First, it is very difficult to absorb. Second…

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