Hair Loss In Men

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The Key to Solving a Thousand Problems

…imbalance so many women now suffer from. And women are not alone. Men who begin to develop feminine characteristics (breast enlargement, abnormal fat distribution, etc.), have prostate troubles, or hair loss may have bacteria imbalances in the colon. I could write a book on the relationship between bacteria…

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How Maintaining Muscle Mass Contributes to Longer Life

…from body movement. In fact, the amount of muscle mass you have can actually help determine your ability to prevent disease, recover from illness, and live the longest life possible. Readers of my newsletter Alternatives know why I believe sarcopenia (the medical term for loss of muscle mass) will soon…

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Iron Deficiency and Natural Treatments for Anemia

…, burning in the soles of the feet, eye soreness, not getting enough air, asthma, heart palpitations, sore joints, ankle swelling, loss of bladder control (bed wetting), difficulty in remembering and lack of concentration. Hair loss, especially in women, may be due to lower iron levels in the blood.…

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Dangers of an Underactive Thyroid

…cardiac output * Increased weight (especially in midsection) * Pain where the ribs meet the sternum * Memory loss * Unexplained crying * Morning headaches and dizziness * Loss of hair, especially the outer third of eyebrows * Constipation * Ringing in the ears * Allergies * A frog-like husky voice *…

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