Hair Care

Estrogen Dominance and Its Link to Xenoestrogen Exposure

…curtains, as well as nail polish, hair spray, and shampoo. How to Reduce Xenoextrogen Exposure It would be impossible to list all of the xenoestrogen compounds now in use. There are literally thousands that can be legally added to our foods, cleaners, and personal care products. However, to limit your…

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Recovering from an Addiction to Alcohol

…bring most individuals a long way toward recovery, remember that everyone’s situation is different. It’s essential to make a careful evaluation of their blood work, a hair analysis, a kinesiological exam, a symptom survey, and even acupuncture evaluation. This will help you home in on specific deficiencies…

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Why the Conventional Treatment of Osteoporosis Doesn’t Work

…bones. Even more disturbing than these side effects is the fact that bisphosphonate drugs don't actually restore bone. The marketing language is carefully crafted to skirt this inconvenient fact, but the truth is that they don't stimulate new bone growth. Instead, they slow the rate of loss at which…

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