Grapefruit Seed Oil

Preparing for a Pandemic

…pitch called PAV. It comes in a small half-ounce container that easily fits in the pocket. It’s available from NATR Health. * Citricidal This grapefruit seed-extract product has multiple uses, including treating diaper rash and knocking out infections. Citricidal is available from Nutribiotic. * QR…

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Protecting Your Family From Infection

…naturally—fight off germs. Here’s a quick rundown that you might want to print out and keep in your medicine chest. Citricidal is an extract of grapefruit seeds. It’s one item I wouldn’t be caught without when I travel, because just a few drops of it in a container of water will make the water safe…

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More Wart Solutions

…even your most stubborn warts. Aspirin Most folk remedies involve using some type of oil. You’ve probably read that daily application of vitamin E, A, castor oil or cod liver oil will remove warts. I know these oils work for a lot of people, but personally I haven’t had too much success with any of…

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