Grapefruit Pectin

Natural Atherosclerosis Solutions

…expensive supplements you can get these days. Grapefruit Pectin About 15 years ago, I first reported on some research being conducted by Dr. James Cerda of the University of Florida. Dr. Cerda’s research involved the dietary use of grapefruit pectin to lower cholesterol levels and possibly retard…

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Foods That Can Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels

…apple pectin can reduce cholesterol levels in both the liver and the blood. A study performed at the Institute of Human Nutrition showed that a daily dosage of 450 mg of vitamin C, along with 15 grams of citrus pectin, lowered LDL cholesterol levels in a period of just six weeks. * Grapefruit pectin. A…

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Instant Home Remedies for 20 Common Health Problems

…stands for applesauce; and T stands for toast. Bananas are rich in potassium. Rice adds bulk and helps slow the intestinal tract. Applesauce has pectin, which is good for calming the bowels, and toast adds additional bulk. Diarrhea in small children can quickly become a serious situation because of…

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