Gout Supplements

Natural Treatments for Gout Symptoms

gout symptoms under control by watching their diet and eating 10–12 cherries a day. Cherry juice can also be used. Cherries can be fresh, canned, or frozen. Just make sure they contain no added sugar. If you don't like the taste of cherries, I recommend giving tart cherry extract, in supplement form…

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The Many Benefits of Niacin

…dosages could precipitate a gout attack. * The time-released form of niacin has been shown to be responsible for severe liver damage. In general, avoid using the time-released forms of vitamins altogether. I haven’t found any that work well. As we discover new supplements, we often fail to take full…

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Risks of Using Diuretics to Control High Blood Pressure

…even worse, an abnormal heart beat, or even heart failure. Hopefully your doctor has warned you about this danger and told you to take potassium supplements. (By the way, eating a banana a day is not enough to make up for the potassium you lose.) Potassium gluconate is available in most health food stores…

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