Gelatin Powder

Natural Solutions for Anxiety

…of lithium orotate provides roughly 5 mg of elemental lithium. * Glycine: The amino acid glycine is one of the primary components of collagen (or gelatin). It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that our lower intake of glycine-rich collagen over the last few decades is linked to an increase in panic attacks…

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How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

powder in capsules. A couple of capsules (about a gram) taken before a meal can lower blood sugar levels 15 to 20 percent. (Some studies have shown taking that same amount of cinnamon on a daily basis for a month can lower fasting blood sugar levels by around 25 percent.) Typically, I let the gelatin

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Natural Treatments and Remedies for Celiac Disease

…more difficult. One source that sells papain by itself is Vitamin Research Products. It comes as a powder that can be taken by weighed doses. They also sell the necessary equipment to make your own gelatin capsules. (One quarter teaspoon is roughly 500 mg). If you take it in bulk form, make sure you take…

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