Gallbladder Surgery

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Standard Medical Treatment for a Bad Gallbladder

…that people can easily live without a gallbladder. So when patients come to them seeking treatment for a bad gallbladder, all too often the recommendation is surgical removal. As a result, over half a million people in the U.S. alone lose their gallbladder to surgery each year—and they are most often…

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You've (Hopefully) Got Some Gall

…people each year in the US alone lose their gallbladder to surgery and are still being told there will be few, if any, long–term negative consequences. Not true. Bile acids are produced from cholesterol in your liver and then flow into your gallbladder where they are stored and concentrated as much…

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The Conventional Treatment of Choice for Gallstones

…and essential fatty acids, poor cholesterol metabolism, and the absorption of improperly digested fat globules. Keep Your Gallbladder Instead of immediately opting for surgery when you are dealing with gallstones pain, I recommend trying a number of natural remedies for treating and preventing gallstones…

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My Natural Treatments and Remedies for Gallstones

…is a great alternative to surgical removal of the gallbladder because it leaves you with your gallbladder intact. (Learn about how the removal of your gallbladder leads to impaired digestion.) Also consider the difference in cost. Gallbladder surgery and hospital costs can run $8,000 and beyond, and…

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The Key to Solving a Thousand Problems

…this major surgery are frightenting. The Public Citizen Health Research Group of Washington, D.C. found 50.8% of sesarean sections performed in 1987 were unnecessary and those women undergoing the procedure had a death rate 2 to 4 times higher than those delivering vaginally. This surgery caused approximately…

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