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Crocs--More Than Comfort

…heel bone to the base of the toes. The condition generally starts like a stone bruise on the heel and the pain then spreads along the bottom of the foot. It’s most often treated medically with steroid injections combined with stretching exercises, and oftentimes orthotics (arch supports) are added…

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Stress Relief

…attention to your right foot. Think about how your foot feels, allow your mind to wander through the feelings in your foot and focus on those feelings. * Slowly tense the muscles in your right foot, squeezing as tightly as you can. Hold for a count of 10. * Relax your right foot. Focus on the tension flowing…

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Are You Wearing the Right Shoe Size?

…for plantar fasciitis that drew a lot of interest. That didn’t really surprise me; foot problems are among the most painful and limiting musculoskeletal issues you can develop as you age. One way to help prevent foot problems from developing—or to minimize discomfort if you already have them—is to…

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Go Barefoot for Better Balance

…train, or subway, you can use that time to perform a simple balancing exercise. Standing on one of these unstable “platforms,” simply lift one foot slightly off the ground and try to keep your balance. To make it easy, you can very lightly help support yourself by holding on to something. To make…

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How To Make a Castor Oil Pack

…castor oil pack you will need the following items: * Bottle of cold-pressed castor oil * Standard heating pad * Plastic garbage bag * Two or three 1-foot square pieces of wool or cotton flannel * One large bath towel * Start by placing the heating pad on a flat surface and turn the setting to high. *…

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