Food Grade

More Items For Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

…prepared. Clean Drinking Water Is a Must-Have One of your greatest needs in times of disaster is drinking water. Humans can go for a month without food, but only a couple days without water. If you live in a city (as opposed to having your own well and water storage system), the availability of clean…

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How to Relieve Gas Naturally

…meal. You should always eat salads along with or after protein foods, but never before. The carbohydrates in salads require no hydrochloric acid, but the stomach dumps all the hydrochloric acid in to begin with. Then, when the protein food (meat, fish, beans, cheese, etc.) needs acid, there is none left…

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Superfoods for Super Health

…-dense than the vast majority of foods we eat every day. Currently the word is being applied to everything from green tea to Brussels sprouts—and while those foods are certainly good for you in their own particular ways, they don’t make the true "superfood" grade. As an example of the benefits of…

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