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Vision Advantage&reg...

Item## VAD


…beating eye fatigue. * Vitamins A, C, E, and N-Acetyl Cysteine protect your lens from an onslaught of damaging free radicals. * Taurine regenerates retina tissue and protects your eyes from UV light damage. * Zinc gives you added antioxidant power and safeguards your macula and vision; vitamin E supports…

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Night Vision...

Item## NVA


…in just 30 minutes Improved night vision means… * Sharp vision at dusk and night * Quick adaptation to darkness * Quick adaptation to glare * Less eye fatigue and stress * More confidence and peace of mind In our society, aging and night vision problems have become almost synonymous. After years of…

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Joint Advantage Gold...

Item## JAG


…have been traditionally used since the 16th Century for easing everyday joint pain. I’ve seen amazing results from these healing herbs with my own eyes! I had to include them all in Joint Advantage Gold.

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