Energy Drink

Boost Your Energy With These Three Nutrients

…of drinks. One type contains quick-absorbing sugars, typically in the form of fruit juice. The short-term energy effects are the result of a sugar buzz…the same effects you’d see if you loaded up a 6-year-old with cake, candy, or fruit juice. The second and most popular type of energy drink contains…

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Avoid Aluminum for Better Brain Health

…checked since the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t have any enforceable standards on aluminum levels in drinking water.) You May Also be Interested In: * Why you should drink distilled water * Improving short-term memory with RNA

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The Portable Advantage of Probiotic Supplements

…any, studies have focused on any detrimental effects they might have on the immune system or the natural bacterial flora. Additionally, if you still drink chlorinated water, a probiotic supplement and fermented foods are two things you should be taking, because chlorine kills beneficial bacteria. If you’ve…

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