Emergency Kit

Emergency Preparedness Kit

…and find your own favorite, and then add some tins to your emergency kit. An Emergency Radio Is Essential Another basic piece of equipment (along with flashlights and rechargeable batteries) that I consider vital in any disaster or emergency situation is a radio. When the televisions and computers go…

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Preparing for a Pandemic

…any medical supply house or on the Internet. While you’re shopping, be sure and include a box of surgical gloves as well. When assembling your emergency kit, as long as you stock up on items you normally use, you can’t go wrong. Just remember to keep buying these items after the initial stock-up and…

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Honey: A Natural Wound Healer

…to find honey in any ambulance, fire truck, emergency room, hospital, or doctor’s office here in the US. So if you don’t have a honey jar, after reading this report, I certainly hope you add one to your kitchen pantry, medicine cabinet, first-aid kit, et cetera. Use Honey to Treat Burns Burns are…

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