One Food Can “Beet” High Blood Pressure

…pressure–lowering nitrate. They include: * Radishes * Kale * Celery * Lettuce * Mustard greens * Turnip tops * Spinach * Chinese cabbage * Regular cabbage * Eggplant * Leeks * Scallions * Potatoes * String beans * Carrots Make them a regular part of your blood pressure–lowering diet. You May Also Be Interested…

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Vision Saving Foods

…sights on your goal—healthy vision for a lifetime. Cultivate diversity at the dinner table. Green tea, green apples, red or white wine, onions, eggplant, and black currant juice are all rich in quercetin, a powerful antioxidant and bioflavonoid. Whole-food supplements rich in quercetin include blue…

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