How Adrenal Exhaustion Is Making You Bloat

…the adrenal glands, and about the large number of conditions commonly ascribed to other causes that are actually caused by adrenal exhaustion. Now, edema seems to be another commonly misdiagnosed condition that is often caused by adrenal problems. Retaining excess fluid isn't just an inconvenience, nor…

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On Women and Fluid Retention

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Although everyone is susceptible to edema, fluid retention does seem to be more of a problem in women. There are a couple of reasons for this tendency. For one, because of their naturally occurring, higher level of body fat, women have less water reserves…

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Fight the Flu With Licorice Root

…mail from Penn Herb Company, Ltd. or Frontier Natural Products. Note: Long-term use of glycyrrhizin or licorice root can cause fluid retention, with edema or swelling in the face and extremities, especially the ankles. This in turn can elevate blood pressure. Because of side effects, most licorice-extract…

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