Ear Pain

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The Many Benefits of Niacin

…the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. It has been especially useful for increasing the blood supply to the ear in cases of deafness, vertigo, and ringing in the ears (tinnitus). Many people can take it at the first sign of a migraine headache, and stop it cold. It has been reported that…

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Back Pain Treatment: How MME Works

…like pacemakers, cochlear (inner ear) implants, aneurysm clips in the brain, or other pieces of metal near sensitive organs may not be able to use MME. More Dr. Williams Advice on Back Pain * Overlooked causes of back pain * Natural treatments for relieving back pain

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What Causes Nausea?

…recurring bouts of nausea: * Morning sickness during pregnancy * Motion sickness (typically movement of a car, boat, or plane) * Pain of any kind * Post-operative recovery * Inner ear infections or injury * Many drugs, including chemotherapy drugs, and radiation sickness * Psychological problems and phobias…

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Health Q&As

…fibromyalgia? * How can I reduce the risk of bone and stress fractures? * How can I stop persistent arthritic knee pain? * What can I do about stiff, painful fingers? * What natural therapies do you suggest for relieving knee pain? Digestive Health * Are you living with a bad gallbladder? * Can better digestion…

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Dangers of an Underactive Thyroid

…output * Increased weight (especially in midsection) * Pain where the ribs meet the sternum * Memory loss * Unexplained crying * Morning headaches and dizziness * Loss of hair, especially the outer third of eyebrows * Constipation * Ringing in the ears * Allergies * A frog-like husky voice * Muscular sluggishness…

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