Ear Infections

Is the Swimming Pool Making You Sick?

…Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI) which are spread by swallowing or inhaling pool water. Various kinds of gastrointestinal, eye, throat, and ear infections are caused by RWIs, but diarrhea is the most commonly reported illness identified after a dip in the pool. The benefits of swimming for full body…

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Treat Head Lice Naturally

…essentially suffocates lice. Cover every inch of the child’s scalp and hair. Put it on plenty thick. Don’t miss a spot. You may need to cover behind the ears, part of the neck and the eyebrows as well. Then, cover the scalp with a shower cap. Leave the Vaseline on for at least one whole day. It will probably…

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The Benefits of Oral Probiotics

…invasive microorganisms that cause infections. For small children, it can offer a wide range of benefits. I would highly recommend using it in children with recurrent ear infections and recurrent tonsillitis. Studies have shown that, in infants who have inner ear infections, treating with this oral probiotics…

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