Dry Skin

Onions May Hold the Key To Freer Breathing

…may take a little longer and the daily dosage may need to be slightly increased to achieve the same effects.) First, remove and discard the outer dry skin of the onions and then drop the onions into the blender. Blend them on low, slowly adding drops of alcohol until the mixture becomes a mush about…

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Treat Poison Ivy with This Oil Blend

…smell, it becomes obvious rather quickly that this is a potent product. Just apply a couple of drops and rub it gently into the skin lesions. The oils actually have a drying effect, so as soon as the lesions have stopped oozing, you can stop using the White Flower Oil and apply your favorite moisturizing…

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Milk Thistle Protects Against Skin Cancer

…natural protection against the sun and skin cancer, you’ll be happy to hear about some recent research results. At the University of Colorado Cancer Center, Dr. Rajesh Agarwal has shown that milk thistle extract (silibinin) can protect against UV-induced skin cancer. About 95 percent of the sun’s…

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