Dmso Turmeric

How to Stop a Muscle Cramp in its Tracks

…of DMSO in a glass container, then use your fingers or a cotton ball to rub the mixture into your skin. Apply at least three times a day. You may experience mild itching and irritation if you are using DMSO for the first time, but it is only temporary. Turmeric Paste The Indian spice, turmeric, is a…

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Safe Alternatives to NSAIDs

…arthritis, turmeric, capsaicin and bromelain are terrific therapies. Turmeric also works for muscle sprains and strains. * For fibromyalgia, malic acid and magnesium can be effective. Magnesium is also particularly effective for migraines. * And for muscle cramps, try Traumeel and DMSO. Now it’s your…

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