Designer Whey Protein

The Whey to Good Health

…with a good probiotic, whey proteins and its other components act as a prebiotic to provide added assurance that your “second immune system” (your gut) is getting the help it needs. Which Whey to Choose I routinely use and recommend a product called Designer Whey Protein. It’s a quality product…

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Three Little Known Benefits of Whey Protein Powder

…:82(6):1339–1349) Whey Protein Benefit #3: Support Cardiovascular Health Whey protein addresses many of the problems associated with cardiovascular disease—and its benefits aren’t associated with any of the side effects common to heart medications. For example, whey proteins inhibit the angiotensin…

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Whey Protein Powder: Another Immune Booster

…counter the effects of aging. Research has shown that several components in whey protein work together to improve immunity. A group of blood proteins called immunoglobulins (IgG1, IgG2, IgA, and IgM) are incorporated into milk and whey. They help pass on immunity to infants and adults as well. Colostrum, the…

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