7 Best Anti-Aging Herbs: Ginkgo Biloba

…It's losing mental capacity and the ability to care for ourselves. Medical professionals refer to this degeneration as senile dementia. The most common causes of senile dementia are blockages, interruptions or decreased blood flow to regions of the brain. This is one area where the herb ginkgo biloba has…

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Preventing Falls While You Improve Your Memory

…senior citizens was equivalent to that of 30 year olds. From other studies, it appears that we actually aid the aging process and the development of dementia when we perform the usual functions that society expects from us—“age-appropriate” behavior. Activity, in general, improves brain connectivity…

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Statins Decrease Exercise's Benefits

…start to decrease mitochondria biogenesis in the brain, you’re setting yourself up for various central nervous system diseases and age-related dementia. If you're on a statin, take the necessary steps to get yourself off this drug. There are many natural alternatives, including a various extremely…

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